Sunday, August 5, 2007

Living departed – before time came!

It was his decision not to take Stacy with her as the place was very new and no one was there to give her a helping hand. Even he was very reckless worker his manager was much flourished with his ideas –which actually yield gold for the Inc – and that's the reason he had to split up with the sweetheart of his life.

He tried hard to reject the proposal but he was worried about the future of the Stacy, so give up and accept the offer. He was gloomy; however, he had made the decision. He went to Stacy, to tell her about all this. As he entered the room Stacy was coming from bath, smile on her face turned to blush, as she saw him. He watched her like never, wrapped in the pink towel ending at her knees. She smelled so fresh, water was running from her cheeks way to her toes and her barefoot. He was into the memories of their first encounter. It was, in the last June, his routine to have a walk on the side park near by his house. She used to work at the corner side café'. He never missed to have a cup there, just to see her. He never thought that he'll be able to express his feelings. But, as it was like a dream, she smiled to him, he mirrored in appreciation. Then it was all those days and now.

He stopped himself. And come back to life. He saw the same smile on her face welcoming him to her. She walked toward him, but by the time she came in front of him she knew he was thinking something else. She kissed him hardly and passionately for long and so deep. He wanted that to get out of that frantic bubble. He, as they parted, pushed her to the edge of the bed. And sit on his knees before her. Stacy took her head in her hands and kissed him on his forehead. Then he told about the offer made by the company and all he was thinking over night. As he was telling Stacy's eye started damp. He saw the drop clinging to her eyebrows. He leaned towards her and gave her a big hug. Both of them were trembling with the feeling of being departed. They stay there for a long while, and the fall into the bed quiescent but tightly.

The next morning he left for the Calgary, his new work place, leaving his adobe behind.

~I didn't know how I wrote the story but as I read it I fell it was too mirroring my own life, so edited quiet a bit. Sorry if don't find it interesting.

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